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Why I blog

My presentation for Teachmeet Melbourne 28 April 2016 Why I blog – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires I started my blog as part of a professional learning network Online course. It was how we shared with the other members and provided feedback and evidence to the course convenors. I liked it from […]

Interacting in online spaces – comments

From this …. OMG …. that’s soooooooo coool! cu l8r I loove yr blog 😉 …… To this …. I have had many discussions with students about the protocols on interacting in online spaces in an academic or professional manner. Whether they be commenting on a blog or giving feedback in comments on a Google document or interacting […]

#YourEduStory Challenge

How do you infect students with a passion for learning? I have had a few personal challenges recently that have highlighted a mantra I try to live by: You can’t change anyone else’s behaviour, only your own With that in mind, my response to this week’s prompt is to assess my own behaviour as a […]