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#YourEduStory Challenge

How do you infect students with a passion for learning? I have had a few personal challenges recently that have highlighted a mantra I try to live by: You can’t change anyone else’s behaviour, only your own With that in mind, my response to this week’s prompt is to assess my own behaviour as a […]

Learning in 100 words

This #EduStory Challenge is “Define “learning” in 100 words or less” So I ‘Googled’ it and that provided the expected vocabulary:  I then thought about what learning means to me and these words came to mind: I am going to cheat and not try and put them in a sentence and I am sure more […]


This week’s #YourEduStory prompt is “How are you, or is your approach, different than your favourite teacher?”. I admit I struggled with this one and was interested to read that many others did too. It has however made people think about the qualities of their favourite teacher, so I think I will stay with that […]