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Professional learning junkie or just curious?

I participate in all of the following types of learning opportunities. Some may call me a junkie but I gain something from each, something different from each. Each type has the added value of meeting members of your Professional network created through Social media face to face. The nature of the opportunities could be summarised […]

2014 off and running

The new school year has begun with a rush. It was nice to gather with members of my Professional learning network and share the first Teachmeet Melbourne event.   [View the story “TMMelb kicks off 2014” on Storify]

Questions and reflections on #edutech

Having just returned from two days of educational stimulation and exhaustion at EduTech conference in Brisbane, I wonder; does anyone go to conferences like these seeking answers? Do they arrive bright-eyed at the opening keynotes in anticipation of getting answers to all or even some of their school problems? Are they seeking a clear indication […]

A story about collaboration

How a group of five teachers came to present at ICTEV Conference on #TMMelb Anyone who has read this blog before will know that I am passionate about the Teachmeet movement. My involvement has opened many doors to me and one of the most significant things has been the people I have met. Earlier this […]