Blogs and how they work ?

 I love ToonDoo and the kids I have shown it love it too !!  A blog that I subscribe to is whatedsaid and Edna often uses ToonDoos to very cleverly explain or illustrate her points.  This week I added a map to my blog as a bit of fun and I am intrigued by the statisitics it is showing.  The dots started appearing in places I could not have imagined.  So I rigged it and asked my sister in Western Australia to visit the site and guess what?  No dot.  Are the statistics reliable?   Not really earth shatteringly important, but interesting .

I wondered about audience, and decided that we do need an audience.  Jenny Luca says that she values the feedback that she gets allbeit small, despite a large number of readers.   There was a statistic somewhere that says 1% contribute new content, 9% add to others content and the remaining 90% lurk (follow but do not contribute) .

The idea of having students blog is that it gives them an authentic audience – they are writing for more people than just their school, I guess the same applies to adults, but it takes a while longer to think we have something that others will want to read.



4 thoughts on “Blogs and how they work ?

  1. ToonDoo is so much fun and Edna really makes some clever Toons. Quite like a newspaper cartoonist, she is able to reduce a large topic to a small graphic with a few words that means just as much.

    Yes, an authentic audience makes all the difference to all writers, both student and teacher, child and adult and students can hone their skill in writing to an audience over time with a blog.

    Love your blog, have the dots appeared yet? You can tweet links to your blog to broaden your audience. As your follower list grows, so will your dots.

  2. I don’t really care about the dots – it was just an exercise! Fun though – I am really wondering who is the UK is watching?

  3. Your live traffic feed is a bit of fun! The map is interesting too. I really enjoy reading your blog…thanks.

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