Bling for your blog …..

Custom Glitter Text

So NOT important – but I saw one of these on another blog. There is a Lava lamp on the lower right too ! I fear that students might like this a bit too much and not focus on the writing – remember when they all discovered Word Art ? Hours on fancy headings and one sentence underneath.

Still playing and found Linoit – like Wallwisher – I tried embedding it and wold be interested if readers can add a sticky note from within the blog Click on a coloured sticky note and see what happens (please) Oh – it seems you have to mouse over the Title strip and then the sticky notes drop down.

3 thoughts on “Bling for your blog …..

  1. OMG Celia absolutely love glitter text!! Really must begin my more serious reflections but still feel braindead from last couple of weeks. Love visiting your blog and always learn something new! Have a great holiday!

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