PLN Final reflection

I ventured into the MacWorld at about the time I started this project, so it seemed appropriate that I learn a Mac Tool to complete my final task – My first attempt at iMovie is below – shared to YouTube and then embedded – I am exhausted. I am sure the next time it will be easier but as with all these things, you need to have a ‘purpose’ and give it a go. It is a bit rough around the edges, but the message is there I hope.

Some fellow participants have done brilliant summaries that deserve mention – have a look at Cloud 9
and Read a Good book lately?. I love how we all take away different things from this sort of PD.

7 thoughts on “PLN Final reflection

  1. Wow Celia …. This is fantastic!!!

    You have created a most professional production which sums up so much we have learned in our VicPLN experience. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I look forward to seeing more iMovies created by you and will be following your progress with interest by continuing to read your blog!

  2. What an amazing effort! I am so proud of all your achievements, which have been many.

    Congratulations on completing the program and on sharing your learning in such an open, positive and accessible manner.

  3. You star! This is fantastic! Am in awe of your talents and willingness to share all you know! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thanks Clive, If I were creating a list like Whatedsaid on Sites that make me think – I would include yours!

  5. Well done! grin–and it does get MUCH easier as you go along. I remember my first video took me hours and hours and hours!

    I love the little pop up half-circle thingies at the bottom. How in the world did you do that? Is that in iMovie? (I just looked, and there it is! Wow, never noticed that one. Very cool, and you used it well!)

    btw, may I compliment you on your daughter? She’s a smart thinker about her online presence!

  6. Top effort Celia!

    I love your movie and the way you have captured your learning in such a creative way! (I love the “bubble thingies” too.)

    I hope you are going to share this with the Contemporary Learning team – you will knock their socks off!!

    Kim 🙂

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