Connect, Create, Communicate and Collaborate

Last week, I was asked by a colleague to suggest some activities to introduce her elementary students to Web 2.0.   I had to think about it as there are so many tools that can be used and they are all so wonderful.    I decided to use the definition (if that is what it is) of Create, Connect, Communicate and Collaborate as these seem to define Web 2 behaviour.

I then reflected on my week at school and the upcoming one and realized that things are going well:

21stcentury skills

Creating – I am planning on having junior students using Stykz and Pivot to create short stick figure animations.  I am hoping that these will be uploaded to the class blogs.

Communicating – many staff at my school have been reviving their 2010 class blogs and introducing the world to their new classes.  Our senior students have been blogging and thanks to the world of twitter have connected with classes in Alabama and Vermont and a teacher in Hawaii.  The reaction from our Australian students when they had a response from USA was amazing and instantly ignited some more writing.

Connecting – as mentioned, the student blogs would have been isolated pieces of writing without the ability of Twitter to generate an appropriate audience.

Collaborating – one tweet using the #comments4kids hashtag has connected me to a teacher in Alabama who is keen to create a connection between our students.   The possibilities are endless.

Not a bad fortnight !

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