30 day challenge

I saw the following quote on Twitter

To not move forward, is to retreat.

It made me think, is that true in respect of our teaching practice?  Is it fair to denigrate practices that do not change?  Perhaps, they are being followed as they are tried and tested and successful.  So I think I will re-word the quote to

Not to consider moving forward, is to retreat

I have always held that social media is used expertly by teachers who value ‘moving forward’.  Those who actively participate in Twitter, Blogging, on-line conferences, Google+ etc are demonstrating a need and willingness to change or at the very least to ‘consider’ changing.

Then, thanks to EdTechCrew I was alerted to the following TED Video

So, in an attempt to be moving forward, what professional challenge could we set ourselves to try for 30 days?

So back to Twitter and another quote appears

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn & relearn”Alvin Toffler.  Teachers need to model this behaviour.  Personally, I am lucky enough to be going on Tuesday to the State Library of Victoria to participate with Steve Hargadon in Teacher 2.0: Your Personal and Professional Growth.  I imagine I may come back with some inspiration.

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