Lights, Camera, Action

Time to share a great project happening at my school.  Firstly, I will state, I had nothing to do with it.  The story is contained on the project blog, but in short, it is a Community Art Project.   The organising team decided to use the artistic medium of photography as the focus whilst integrating values education into the mix.  Community (family) involvement was also a strong target.

Tonight, our students, parents and staff shared an evening of hands-on learning – a minor culmination in the journey of the project.   Leading up to this event, the students have had wonderful sessions with a professional photographer (and wonderful teacher), they had learned, practised, modelled and then taught others.   Our young students have exhibited remarkable vision incorporating simple lessons and techniques and produced some amazing pieces of art.

The session with parents, challenged the families to bring artefacts that represent their families, and to compose a photograph with this in mind.  Tonight was practice night and the families have been sent off with a brief to create their personal family image.  These will be shared and celebrated in an art exhibition at the completion of the project.

Our artist-in-residence explained to the parents tonight that photography was an amazing art form as it quite levelling – anyone can create a great photo – regardless of artistic drawing skills or the quality of the camera, the thinking behind the photo is what is important – taking a ‘considered’ image.

A by-product of this project is the increased usage of photography in all areas of the curriculum, and I have the feeling it will be the catalyst for many creative and great learning moments now that it is so entrenched into the thinking of staff and students.

All in all, I came away enthused by the potential of this project and congratulate those who had the vision at the beginning.     Looking forward to seeing it flourish, or should I say ‘develop’, No, that would be old-fashioned!

7 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. Having been a keen fan of letting children explore photography in class for many years, I found the idea behind this community art project fascinating.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)

  2. Thanks Ross,
    It has been truly amazing to see the children take to it. The wonderful artist was an important element in the process and the teachers support essential. I think it is also a great lifelong skill they can take with them.

  3. As a teacher participating in this project, I have to say the idea has been one of our best innovations yet!


    I love the Arts…I believe participation in the Arts is the stuff of the soul…and photography is one medium that wholeheartedly facilitates the creative process.

    I see students gifted in this area that have hitherto not found an area in which they can shine..I see proud faces glowing with pride when their glorious images hit the big screen, moving us with their beauty and sensitivity.We may learn more from a friend’s photograph than from a conversation.

    Language has many is one of these.

    Memories are golden…just today I received in the mail, a photograph taken in 1982..of two friends I taught with in PNG. I was swept back nearly 30 years in an instant. Stories, laughter, experiences, all came flooding back. What a powerful effect a photograph can have!

    But, back to my first thoughts..I believe it is the arts that most elicit the wonder, the goodness, the depth, the love and the creativity that we all have within us.

    Marg Yore

  4. Thanks Marg,
    I definitely agree with the point that people who may be otherwise ‘creatively challenged’ can pick up a camera and create something amazing. The title photo on my blog is a case in point – I waited for quite a while to get that shot, moving around, waiting for the light etc and there is no way I could have produced this memory with my artistic skills.
    Your comments as always are appreciated.

  5. I am captivated by the comments and inspirational reflections about the project and the creative use of photography. So much so…look at the time. This is an organic project with endless possibilities that really started as vehicle for community engagement, student voice and student wellbeing. But it is so much more… through the input of expertise, the pedagogical understandings and skills of enthusiastic teachers and the energy of a team who has a belief in its potential, this project is developing its own energy.
    It is a process or journey that will hopefully increase parent engagement in learning and untimately be reflected in positive outcomes for our students.

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