Making learning irresistible

Do you remember when you were in Prep/Kindergarten?  If it was anything like my experience, we sat in rows, recited and learned by rote.   Personally, I have very few memories but there is no doubt that we learned to read and be numerate.  We began our schooling with a strong sense that education was given to us: the empty vessel concept.   That was the way it was then.   Now consider this example of Prep children in 2011

This term our Inquiry Learning has been about reusing products and recycling to reduce landfill. Prep S and Prep K discovered a problem at our school – we use too much paper. So we worked through a Problem Solving Strategy to decide what we could do to change the way we use paper at St. Luke’s. After much discussion and considering the pros and cons of all ideas, the Preps decided to make a video about how we can stop using too much paper. Together we wrote a script – practised our lines and made props to make our video.” Learning Together 

These  6 year old Australians, presented their learning to the school at assembly inviting their school mates to follow their initiative.  The video has had a number of airings, published on their class blogs,  BrainPop UK site and also used by a Canadian teacher to help her class understand the recycling and re-using message.  It was also shared with their QuadBlogging buddy classes in NZ, UK and USA.   Of course, a lot of modelling from the teachers occurred to achieve these results from such young children, but they are not passive players in their education.

They are connected learners, making a difference that would not have been possible without today’s technologies.   The networks that have been opened to them through the initiatives of their teachers are enormous and I congratulate them.  They now know that they can make a difference and that they have a voice.    I think I would rather be in school now ….. but wait I don’t want to be 6 again !


Picture and title idea : Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano 

4 thoughts on “Making learning irresistible

  1. Great Post Celia!

    Indeed times have changed for Prep children. But how exciting! Prep children have so much to offer and we can no longer under estimate their potential to problem solve. Great work with the recycling of paper.


  2. So true Celia. Our children are beginning to understand that action begins with them and that they can use their voice to make a difference. Today we talked about how our learning is supporting others – we are all teachers (even at the ripe old age of 5/6). They were very proud of their achievements and excited that their learning is important to others and valued by them. The role technology plays in this realisation is significant and its power should not be underestimated.

  3. Great reflection Celia! Amazing work by prep staff and students. It is fantastic to see our preps leading the school and taking action that matters. The technology acts as a powerful tool to send the message locally and globally. If this is the work of prep students as 6 year olds what can we expect of them as 12 yr olds? That’s the continued challenge isn’t -to ensure we build on this current capacity. It’s exciting and teachers sharing learning together cAn only inspire and assist growth! Thanks for the inspiration Celia

  4. Here is another way the young preps’ video has been used. I am sharing it with my students in Iowa as an example of children using their genius. My students will have a genius hour next week when they can work on something they want to learn or share. This video will be an inspiration!

    Deb makes a great point about ensuring we build on students’ current capacity. Wouldn’t it be a shame if this group of young ones moves ahead in school and can’t use what they have learned?


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