People Power – Teachmeet

What I see at a TeachMeet

  • I see …the power of Twitter.  Most of the people who come along connect first via Twitter.  In fact, this time a Twitter chat a few weeks prior enabled our connecting to the #mobile2012 conference in Phoenix AZ (Thanks to @losiath for connecting us to @jjash and for also involving @wfryer @allanahk and @pgeorge)
  • I see…people who want to learn – participants at these events accept and celebrate their roles as learners.  However ‘experienced’ anyone may be, they happily accept that seeing something from someone else’s perspective is valuable.  A tool may be familiar, but in someone else’s hands it may be very different.  Used Google docs before? Yes, but had you thought about using it for this..?
  • I see … a generosity of spirit in teachers who are willing to share their skills, experiences and questions.  Classroom teachers, Teacher-librarians, ICT specialists, Department personnel, Subject specialists – everyone with something to contribute and learn.
  • I see … a wonderful variety of educators from so many different spheres all combining to find common elements as well as share differences.  I particularly value the opportunity to relate to professionals who work in different sectors to those I work in.  All too often school based professional learning is parochial.
  • I see … an interest from our supporting bodies in how this form of professional learning caters for the thirst of people who are not being catered for in ‘standard’ learning opportunities.
  • I see … a variety of presentation styles – all following the 2 or 7 min rule but some using Prezi, Keynote, Skype, a website or just a tour from our seats of an amazing learning space.
  • I see … people who want to connect to other people, who value the conversations with other professionals that they might always not get around their staff room tables.   The informal conversations and follow up after the presentations is as much part of the event as the presentations.  Connections made at Teachmeet translate into increased and improved professional leaning networks, enhanced by the personal face to face contact.
  • I see … a variety of learning environments.  Teachmeets take place in educational environments – primary, secondary, tertiary, state, independent.
I like what I see and thank everyone who makes it happen.  #TMMelb

2 thoughts on “People Power – Teachmeet

  1. Yes, another valuable learning experience for educators by educators. All in our holidays and all sharing selflessly. I too value the presentations, the connections and the informal chats afterwards.
    Thanks everyone!

  2. Celia,
    We have the same view from where we stand. Must be a good place. Next TeachMeet I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say. I’ve seen you on Twitter but it takes a f2f event to remind people to have a good look at what others are doing. Love that I’ve found your blog.

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