What they learned … we may never know

The one that struck me amongst this set of lovely thoughts about teaching was the guy who said “I didn’t learn how to speak Spanish, even though she was my Spanish teacher, but I did learn how to be be myself”.

When I look back at the teachers who made an impression on me, I do not remember what they taught me, I remember how they treated me. I remember the ones who I felt respected by and who treated me as a whole person, and I have awful memories of a few who were unjust.

The unexpected impact that a teacher can have is quite awesome – we never know how much impact a small few words may have on the students we talk to, or how our simple actions can affect them. The simple acknowledgement of the importance of something they say, a recognition of effort, leaving them alone when they need space or providing an encouragement or affirmation at a time of confusion.

We should never underestimate the potential of the impact of any of our actions or words. Many may forget us, but you never know what that spark is ready to ignite.

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One thought on “What they learned … we may never know

  1. Dear Celia,
    I visited your blog after you left a comment on my class blog and I have spent a few minutes reading your posts. I would like to spend more time really reading and thinking about what you’ve written – not a great time at 4.00 on a Friday! Thank you for such thoughtful posts, sharing your opinions and your knowledge. I look forward to spending some more time here….

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