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We are on term break and that means that my school work can take a bit of a break.  I also run a business with my husband and that does not stop, in fact, with end of financial year  jobs, it is quite busy.  I have to admit that accounting bookwork does not capture my entire interest (despite the obvious necessity) and I often gaze over my Twitter feed whilst working.  You might expect that it  would be quiet, but in fact, the past few days have been very busy – full of teachers who keep up their passion for ongoing learning and use their term break to engage, to reflect, to share, to learn and to plan.

I have witnessed an amazing stream from the Slide2Learn (#slide2learn) conference currently taking place in my own town Melbourne.  Excitement is palpable as teachers hear about new tools or old tools used in a different way – tweets continue from the homeward bound trains of participants as they experiment and play with renewed vigour.  Twitter alerts me to a UStream of some of the live action – how could I not click and take a peak?

Another group are holding their regular online sharing time on the use the Ultranet (#ultranet).  Many are returning from ISTE (#ISTE12– an enormous conference in San Diego and sharing their thoughts and reflections via blog posts.

Some are taking the advantage of a break from school routines to complete an on-line course (#vicpln) that fell by the wayside during the busy term and tweeting their progress.  News from a Moodle conference (#mootau12on the Gold Coast floats by.  Others are networking in preparation for the upcoming terms and forging relationships that will develop throughout the upcoming term.

I see people asking questions, sharing and above all being connected through this wonderful medium.  This is why I like Twitter and the people I meet there.

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