50 years in education

We have been celebrating our school’s 50th anniversary over the past few weeks.  On Sunday, many past students and teachers visited to reminisce and celebrate.  I saw the look of wonder when some wandered through the new environment, noticing the changes and connecting with the things that remain the same.

I wondered “What will school look like in another 50 years?”  “How will the students of today feel when they return in 50 years time?”.

I don’t have the answer to either question, but I do hope for a few things.

I hope that:

  • schools retain the sense of community they currently have and most definitely had in their early years
  • a feeling of belonging is entrenched which is exhibited in the sense of pride of being part of the community even after a period away
  • we continue to focus on the relationships between teachers, students and parents
  • the wonders and potential of technology enhance these relationships
  • the school reflects the changes in the wider community


One thought on “50 years in education

  1. Thanks for this blog post! Looking ahead at what school will be like in 50 years, makes me think about it in a broader sense-What will the WORLD be like in 50 years? I recently took a course that focused on how students can be more involved in their surrounding community, and how the community can be more involved in their world of education. It led to discussions about what we’re preparing our students for and the kind of citizens that we are hoping our students can grow up to be. This more global way of thinking was a basis for how we might teach our students’ lessons and units that will enble them to learn 21st century skills. This kind of thinking is so beneficial for all involved and helps teachers to think outside of the school walls and more about the surrounding community!

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