Old habits

postsI am trialling the App Posts for the first time.  (I know it is probably not new, but it is to me).  I have a natural tendency to revert to my MacBook Pro or desktop when I compose posts but thought I would take this App for a spin.  First impressions are good.  I like the interface, the preview of posts and comments.  Placing the image (a screenshot) was straightforward and speedy.

I am encouraged to keep going and believe that students would find this a great way to post.

At the same time, I decided (due to an upgrade glitch) to alter the theme I have been using for many years.  On the recommendation of @suewaters of Edublogs I investigated some Mobile friendly themes.  More and more I see the necessity for this as we access our sites from mobile devices.  So I will see how this goes.  I prefer to set a theme and stick with it as it is the ‘branding’ of my professional space but change is good too !