Diary Note: One week into Social bookmarking with students

Last week, I explained that I had set up Diigo and EduClipper for our students (see post here).  Week One is over and they have had a taste and I am happy with the progress in this short time. I started with this short presentation. It was a starting point for discussion. On the day, I found that EduClipper does not play nicely with Internet Explorer, so we stuck with Diigo and I think that was a good thing, reducing the complication of two platforms. I will use EduClipper when I get Chrome installed at school.

I was interested, but not surprised to hear that only one student out of 52 was using any cloud based Bookmarking tool, and that was not a social one. I was pleased to hear the ‘Aaah’ moments when they realised the potential of the tool.Many described how they write URL’s on paper or in their books and were very quick to identify that this was not a wonderful method.  We discussed the importance of annotating and tagging and I left it with them. They had great questions, “Can we embed tags into our blogs?’ ‘Can I use my account when I leave Primary School?’.


We will see how it goes, but I have confidence that we will create a wonderful collection of student sourced resources. I can already see that they are showing signs of reading sites with an eye for curating – developing some critical thinking about the resources. I am happy with that but alwyas on the look out for ways to extend the idea.

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