Patience is a virtue …. help !

I have been experimenting with App Building using a lovely site  The App creation part is easy enough – fun to fiddle with options and explore the possibilities.  Click on the image to take you to the test page.


The trouble I am finding is in the execution.

I think I am able to read fairly well, have average comprehension skills and reasonable problem solving strategies.  However, I am going in circles with the publishing part of the process.

I have my Apple Developer credentials but am lost in a circular war with .cer, .p12 files, Keychain Access etc etc.

Amongst the trouble shooting efforts, I have read the Forums on the site but they have yet to yield any assistance. So what would any reasonable person do when they can’t work something out?


Tweet it and blog about it and see what happens!



Before I could even finish writing this post I had a reply to my Tweet – I love my PLN !

Fingers crossed





School App – testing, testing 1,2,3,4

Inspired by a few Tweets and a presentation by Jarrod Robinson @pegeek at the recent ICTEV conference, I thought I would give App Creation a go. Using, it was relatively simple to get to this point. Our intention is to give our parents a window in to the school using the technology many carry in their pockets. The first one is Web App, the second an iPhone/Android. This is definitely just ‘sandbox’ time, lots of rough edges and not a lot of content, but shows what you can do with a great site and few hours of play.

Playing around with these things is fun, but I can’t help thinking about the practicalities. There is nothing worse than cyber-junk: sites that are not up to date. If schools are going to create apps – the logical consequence is that they have to be updated, kept alive – this responsibility will need to be managed. I like the idea, and obviously the tech side is not insurmountable but we need to plan how they will work before launching them into the wide blue yonder. We need to define our audience, our purpose and the determine how to administer it.

Communicating with our communities is an important function and this tool seems to have potential. I’ll keep playing.

Anyone else been down this path? What do you use your school app for? Used this App builder ? Used a better one?