Self serve Professional Development

I have begun another online PD adventure – this time Quantum Victoria’s Teacher Professional Development Program

Participating schools with the team from Quantum Victoria have come together for a comprehensive, systemic 10 week professional development program that engages educators in transformational conversations about 21st Century Learning. A host of online tools will be used to connect small teams from forward thinking schools from around Australia to establish a powerful, ongoing learning community.”

The first weeks tasks are introductory and awareness raising and included viewing the video 21st Century Skills Culture

In this video, Rob Riordan, the Principal of  High Tech High, states there are three axioms of Public education in USA

1. Separate students on the basis of their perceived academic ability

2. Separate hands from minds

3. Separate school from the world beyond

Riordan, says that his school seeks to integrate them instead of separating them and the video chronicles amazing hands-on collaborative learning at the school.   Thank goodness !

Our school staff, recently reflected on our ‘contemporary’ practices and acknowledged the wonderful things we are doing and then sought to see where our practices could change to further enhance our students learning.    It was a great opportunity to celebrate successes and look forward.  Sir Ken Robinson filled our minds with big picture ideas with Bring on the learning Revolution and we then decided on ways that we would continue to ensure that we are providing an atmosphere where all our students can reach their potential.

Another  suggested reading for the Quantum course is 21st Century Skills,  Education & Competitiveness and once again the notion of creativity is strong as it is in all Sir Ken’s messages .   The need for our education system to give the students more voice whilst balancing the accountability standards imposed by our governments and educational systems is the challenge for all schools.

Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 3.10.07 PM The more I read and view and discuss the more I see the need and am encouraged by the underswell of feeling that is appearing.

Sir Ken Robinson finishes the above video quoting WB Yeates “….I have spread my dreams under your feet, tread softly because you tread on my dreams” and he goes on to say “every day, our children spread their dreams under our feet and we should tread softly”

A beautiful thought to consider when we plan for the individuals we teach!

So it appears that the subject matter, reading material for the Quantum PD is fitting in very neatly alongside my experiences and interests.  I look forward to the next 10 weeks with a little trepidation as there is quite a curriculum but also great excitement!