50 years in education

We have been celebrating our school’s 50th anniversary over the past few weeks.  On Sunday, many past students and teachers visited to reminisce and celebrate.  I saw the look of wonder when some wandered through the new environment, noticing the changes and connecting with the things that remain the same.

I wondered “What will school look like in another 50 years?”  “How will the students of today feel when they return in 50 years time?”.

I don’t have the answer to either question, but I do hope for a few things.

I hope that:

  • schools retain the sense of community they currently have and most definitely had in their early years
  • a feeling of belonging is entrenched which is exhibited in the sense of pride of being part of the community even after a period away
  • we continue to focus on the relationships between teachers, students and parents
  • the wonders and potential of technology enhance these relationships
  • the school reflects the changes in the wider community