Week 6 – Learning and Teaching tools 2 (1/6 – 7/6)

Ready, set, go ….. after being distracted by dots, I had better get my attention focused.

Off to a slow start, distracted by the real world around me and the demands it is placing.  A tricky time at schools while teachers maintain their teaching programs and prepare reports, attend meetings etc.

Glad to say that I was able to incorporate knowledge from my PLN in a short staff presentation this week.  A blog quote and some references to good sites.

At first click, I did not have access to the FUSE site linked – sure there is a way  around.  We did attend a Contemporary Learning Day this week where we explored Scootle.  It makes accessing the Learning Federation sites sooooo much simpler.  The learning Paths are a great way of linking and individualising a group of objects for your specific purposes.  They even explained why we have to go through about 8 different links to get there – apparently, they need to know which educational group we come from as each group has it’s own access rights etc.   Well worth exploring further and re-opens the potential of all those TLF’s that have been sitting idle.

I saw a presentation at the Innovation Expo from a school that uses Edmodo.  Seems good but quite similar to the tools we have with MyInternet (which I know has imperfections, but is established and supported in the school system in which I work.

iTuneU has lots of interesting material – Want to learn French?  Electrical engineeering?  Heaps to keep you entertained.  I found a series on Google Tools which would be good for High schools.  Who needs to go to uni nowadays, it is all on iTunes!! 😉

I tend to blog and edit and blog and edit – more of a ramble than a lucid thought.  Hope anyone reading can follow the trail ……