Week 7 – Research tools (8/6 – 14/6)

Delicious or Diigo

I am along time user of Delicious and remain to be convinced about the benefits of Diigo over Delicious.  For the purposes of this exercise (VICpln)I have created a Diigo account and imported my bookmarks – it does not appear that my Network will flow over.  This makes sense as people do not always have accounts in both places.   This will be a big stumbling block for me as I have a great Delicious network, in fact it is one of my best sources of new sites and the people in my Delicious network are probably part of my PLN (hadn’t thought of that before).

I find social bookmarking invaluable, it saves so much time.  The key is TAGGING.  If you don’t tag with useful remarks, you may as well not bookmark!  Delicious also allows for Bundling tags, and I use that feature to combine tags for Inquiry units or into subject areas or age appropriate groups (Junior etc).  I live by the motto, the more tags, the better (as long as they are relevant of course).    The more specific you can be, the more useful they will be later when you are searching.  For example, don’t just use maths – be specific, use multiplication, year5, etc

In most cases, if I need sites for particular purposes, I will go to Delicious before Google as I know that I have already sorted out relevant sites.

Installing the applet to your browser is important in the process as it means that at a click (or two) you have a site bookmarked, catalogued and remembered forever – or certainly easy to find again.

So, can anyone tell me why I should change?  Why Diigo and not Delicious?   I cant imagine using both – one will be enough.

My Delicious tags – represented via Tagxedo below