Week 2 – Communication tools (4/5 – 10/5)

Okay, moving right along at what feels like the speed of light – we have  –

  • started blogging,
  • joined the Ning and played around there !! (our school has the biggest group so far – proud of that),
  • added lots of new people to Twitter,
  • made a Twitter list (not sure how that is going to help really)
  • Installed Tweetdeck at home – find it a bit busy – think I am used to the website
  • stumbled upon an Elluminate session on Twitter with Anne Mirtschin and participated in that
  • Created a Primary School educators group on the Ning as I see many of these issues and tools are quite different in that context and it will be good to network with the oher primarys here

Lessons learned so far (although some things are not really a surprise)

  1. not everything works at first
  2. patience is a virtue – it can be sooo frustrating when we follow the instructions and things still dont work – these web2 apps seem to be DIY – if you have a problem there is not a person on the end of a phone or over a counter to help – guess that can be where networking helps!
  3. There is an enormous source of information available from other people who shae their resources on-line
  4. to be continued

Questions in my mind

  1. How can any of these things improve my day to day teaching?
  2. Do I have anything to offer that is not already there?
  3. to be continued

Chris Betcher has some interesting thoughts on why we should twitter and blog.

Using Twitter to develop a PLN

Finding the Needle in the Twitter Haystack

Great video that explains why I want to learn more about Web 2 etc etc

I teach, therefore your learn … or do you?

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