So many opportunities ….

Matt Richards quotes Stephen Heppell  “It’s a very exciting time for learning. It’s the death of education, but the dawn of learning.” .   Matt goes on to speak of the changing role of the teacher:

Being a ‘facilitator’ can sound a little empty after ‘expert’. Teachers who were previously deemed experts in a certain field can now find themselves little fish in a much larger pond. This can be a frightening or inspiring experience depending on the teacher. Sir Ken Robinson’s quote “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original” seems to speak to this issue. Being a lifelong learner is a handy attribute these days. With contemporary tools constantly changing and ‘upgrading’, a capacity for change perhaps is the greatest skill of all.

Another colleague recently wrote:

I feel the tidal wave of change in education, which occurs every 10-15 years in my experience, is faster and higher than ever before. It feels like there is only one way to go…fast and altogether!!! @maggiewi

It appears the common thread is that teaching is changing (again) and that we need support and guidance on the way – both with the big picture and the day to day realities.  I have been noticing how many opportunities we have to extend our learning as teachers (just in my local environment of Melbourne) – to continue our on-going learning, to keep up with the changes and challenges. Every day I spot tweets alerting to new possibilities. Here a few that I have spotted in the past few days:


Teachmeet Melbourne (my favourite) –  A wonderful informal opportunity for teachers to gather and share with each other.

Quantum Victoria – Free – June 16 (and more to come)

Charles Leadbetter

Is education about innovation? An evening with Charles Leadbeater

State Library of Victoria – Free – June 26

Will Richardson, Professor Stephen Dinham OAM and Jenny Luca 

TEDX – Educational Leadership – Booked Out

State Library of Victoria – Free – July 19

Slide2Learn Conference 

Slide2Learn – $ – July 2-3

VITTA – Annual Conference and Expo

Reign in the Cloud

Caulfield Racecourse – $ – August 6 & 7


Lorne – $ – August

There are also often wonderful programs being offered by the State Library – Professional Learning , as well as the obvious (well, to many of us) wonderful resource available through Twitter – 24/7 professional learning.

Matt concluded,

Let us make school a place where the innovators, collaborators and leaders of this brave new world are supported and inspired.

It would appear to me that there are opportunities in the wider community.  Do our schools provide the same opportunity?

3 thoughts on “So many opportunities ….

  1. Thanks Celia for another great post.

    I wonder whether our schools do provide this kind of opportunity for students as well as teachers…

    Not only are these opportunities to further develop our teaching but they are also a chance to mix with like minded people who are just as excited about education as we are. After a tough term I look forward to this Saturday’s Teach Meet as a way of renergising my thoughts and ideas, looking ahead to next term.

    Do we give students enough opportunities to work with other students who are interested in the same things they are? Do we nurture their creativity and tap into their excitement? Perhaps we try but is it enough?

    Do we give teachers the chance to further develop something that they have a passion for? Often there are too many other ‘projects’ that seem to get in the way. What could be achieved if we encouraged these passions to be shared?


  2. Why, as a baby boomer, (ie. teacher training late 60’s), am I more than ever before, energised by my role as a teacher? For the first time ever, I have a worldwide audience for my thinking and achievements, a global think tank to support and advise my every next move as a teacher, a minute by minute updated bank of ideas for my next lesson and, in one breath, a breadth of feedback for the wisdom of every step my students take. Lovin’ it…..Toorak Teachers’ College Studentship….1969!

  3. So many questions Aimee and Marg!
    Thanks for your responses… the conversation could go on and on … Richard Olsen’s (Ideas lab) description of successful learning – “self-directed, inquiry based and socially constructed” – should apply to adults too and there are many good examples.

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