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Another opportunity to learn has come to me through Twitter connections.  An online course, a Massive Open Online Course or MOOC, in this case ETMOOC.  Reading the Introduction and this post by Donna Fry (@fryed) caught my attention as it appears that this course will have some structure and planned content in areas that interest me but also plenty of flexibility to harness the power of the group of people who are participating.  The Google+ community is already being populated by an amazing group of people who come from across the world.   I am enjoying watching the Introductory messages people are posting on Google + as well as via Twitter. The global nature of this course will be a highlight.

So here goes …. my first MOOC which still think it sounds strange but so did Blog and Wiki a while ago! 😉  It seems reasonable at this stage to ask the question, So what is a MOOC?

By way of introduction to the new #etmooc community, I am a teacher in a small primary school in Melbourne Australia.  This year, I am also taking on a coaching role, assisting schools to implement online learning and harness the value of ICT’s.    I have participated in online learning opportunities before, in particular, the State Library of Victoria’s Personal learning Network program.   This opened the world to me and was my introduction to blogging and Twitter, which have transformed my thinking as an educational professional.  The concept of sharing online was scary and still is at times, but the benefits it has given me far outweigh the discomfort I have felt.

I have participated in Reform Symposium’s online learning opportunities as well but never before in a MOOC !  I think this will be a wonderful extension of my previous experience and be another wonderful opportunity to extend my network. The first task is to introduce ourselves and this post and this short Animoto video are my contribution.

4 thoughts on “On-line learning – a MOOC

  1. Great job Celia! Your school looks beautiful. I have a brand new classroom this year but it is just your traditional 4 walls and chairs and tables. Going to do my best to create a few other spaces with bean bags and cushions.
    I think it is going to be tricky keeping up with all the ETMOOC stuff once school goes back – fine at the moment when I can spend all day trawling and browsing!
    Your blog looks great and your membership section is impressive.

  2. Celia,
    Beautiful job on your Animoto. I like how you shared that page of all the tools you use to connect, create, and share. Would you mind telling me how you created that graphic? I really would like to make one of the tools I use.

    As Mary said, your school is just gorgeous–something I have only seen in pictures, never it real life.

    Nice “seeing” you at #etmooc,

  3. Thanks Denise,
    It is lovely to catch up again via this ETMOOC experience. Our school has some new beautiful spaces as well as more traditional rooms as well, but it is a great environment to work in. You are most welcome to visit !
    I made the graphic a long while ago for another purpose using Corel Draw – a graphics program.
    Looking forward to connecting more soon


  4. It all sounds amazing! What excites me is that online collaboration is an ever evolving phenomenon. Just when you think it’s all done and you are on top of all the ideas and technology…look forward to working again in our beautiful spaces!


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