Week 3 – Professional learning

Attended the Dept Innovation Showcase on Monday as a big bit of Professional learning for this week !

I usually come out of these days with mixed emotions –

  • a sense of awe at the wonderful things people are doing and their enthusiasm and skills
  • a feeling of inadequacy as I feel that I am not far enough along the path they are
  • inspired and rejuvenated with fresh ideas to try

and today was no different !!

Things to explore after today – Edmodo (like Twitter but safe for kids)  heaps of iPod Apps, use of video and blogs for student ePortfolios.  That’s enough (not all by any means) but an achievable goal.

I have seen a number TED Talks – Are schools killing creativity ? Sir Ken Robinson is a well known one.  One that is not directly related to education but absolutely blows me away is Theo Jansen creates new creatures.  I did use it with a group of children when were looking at an Inquiry unit on Inventions.. It is just a great example of thinking outside the square !  I think we are lucky there are people in the world to do this stuff as it is certainly not going to be me and my feeble brain.