Week 3 – Innovators – my theme of the week

Attending the DEECD Innovations Showcase got me thinking and reading and now blogging.

One of the presenters was Louise Duncan from Shepparton High School.  Louise is passionate about personalised learning through the use of handheld devices – iPods and iPod Touchs.  After seeing her present, I started noticing references to Louise in Blogs and Tweets.  Then I read an article on Agent 4 change in which Louise summaries the Conditions for Innovation (timely seeing that was the theme for the conference on Monday).

It rang true in so many ways, in particular when considering this SLAV PLN program.  The plain text are Louise’s conditions – italics are my reflections.

“Conditions for Innovation

  • Believe in yourself and your pupils.
  • Isn’t that why we want to keep learning?
  • Be prepared to take risks.
  • Trying out all these new things certainly seems like risk taking to me!
  • Have a go and share as much as you can.
  • Through our shared comments on Blogs and Ning etc
  • Always be prepared to learn and listen to others.
  • Blog & Ning again and Elluminate too!
  • Take people with you.
    we have a great team from school participating
  • Surround yourself with the “right” people.
  • ditto – anyone willing to give this a go is the right person!  So I am surrounded by PLN participants
  • Be passionate. –
  • well, I am trying to
  • Tune into others’ fear of change.
  • hmm, I felt a bit of that and I reckon we support each other well
  • Focus on the learner – student or teacher – and their “hooks”.
  • we are all constantly looking at how this can affect our Teaching
  • Make the activities relevant to their needs.
  • every participant will take in the things most relevant to them
  • Create momentum.
  • remains to be seen but it certainly can’t hurt!!

I guess, that all this means – we are innovators, whether it feels like it or not.


One thought on “Week 3 – Innovators – my theme of the week

  1. What a great post! I hope you have tweeted the link and posted the link to the ning. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve, so it’s really good to have it reinforced. Thanks too for applying the quotes to the circumstances of the PLN.
    Sounds like a great day. Pity I couldn’t make it.

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