Week 1 – 3 Summary

I feel that I need to sort out the past few weeks activities in my head.  The advantage of doing this project with other people from the same school is that we are asking each other questions – some questions do not yet have answers but that is ok.

Summary below

Blogging – intended as a personal reflection journal space – some interaction but only by comments from readers.  Comments on other people’s blogs connect you to them.  I learnt a lot about these from Jenny Luca’s presentation.   She talks about being careful to have a purpose as well as the benefits of the reading AND writing process.   initially I found edublogs tricky but I am getting hang of it now – even worked out how to put in widgets etc.

Ning – collaborative work space for PLN attendees – share ideas, chat, link people with similar interests

Twitter – micro-blogging – great  for capturing links to other places/blogs/sites etc.  Needs lots of filtering to get a good batch of people to follow

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