Blogs and how they work ? (Part 2)

They say “a week can be a long time in politics” but I reckon a couple of weeks is a long time in the blogosphere too! My learning has been exponential -the more you get involved, the more you realise how much there is to learn and some of it sticks.

I have been blogging for only 6-7 weeks (as many readers will know as part of a learning journey where we are developing a Personal Learning Network) and the experience has proved fascinating.

If you want a positive and collaborative experience from blogging  I have learned the following simple things to extend your audience

  • tweeting your blog posts – announces new material
  • commenting on other people’s blogs
  • tags seem to help (but I am not yet sure how)
  • bookmarking your blog on Delicious or Diigo and using tags (haven’t tried this but read that it works)

This assumes that you are blogging for an audience beyond yourself – if you blog purely for personal reflective experience then, none of this matters.  Personally, I enjoy the comments – it helps and I learn from them too.  It makes you realise that you are not writing into a void.  I read somewhere that 1% of people who read a blog will comment.  I have played with Traffic feeds and enjoyed watching the stats.  It certainly makes the world feel small when a teacher from Melbourne can write material that is read in many corners of the world.  It does put on pressure to find something worthwhile to add .

My interest has been contagious within my household and my 17 year old daughter has joined this world as well.  She is interested in writing and sees a potential in this sphere as well.  Have a look at her first post if you have the time.  Like me she is still considering her purpose and audience.   Motzie’s Blog (not her real name) 🙂

6 thoughts on “Blogs and how they work ? (Part 2)

  1. Thank you for the link to Motzie’s Blog. A great read. At least you are using tags. They are something I haven’t started yet.

  2. Motzie has made a great start to her blog. To see that you have an audience when blogging is really motivating. I enjoy reading your blog .

  3. Great stuff Celia
    You write so well-very inspiring. You need to run the next elluminate session!

  4. For years we have tried to teach students about audience when there really wasn’t one. Now we have access to a real audience, it can make such a difference to the way students approach writing.

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