Awakening from our summer slumber

As mentioned in my post last week, Australian schools are gearing up for their new school year. We have celebrated Christmas, New Year, been to the beach, rested etc.  and finally we start to think about school which is fast approaching.    In previous years, at this time, my school email inbox would start to wake up – staff starting to share news and ideas for the upcoming year.

2010 was the dawn of different communication for many of us and this year, the obvious signs of the impending new year are different, I am seeing Tweets from my colleagues, new blogs, new blog posts – all indicating the process of preparation for the new year.   I like it!   I like it because it feels like we have all found these tools to have value, and I am convincced that 2011 will be a year where we continue to evaluate their worth, plan for meaningful connections and continue as teachers to be the ‘expert learners’.

2 thoughts on “Awakening from our summer slumber

  1. Thanks for your thoughts about starting a new year. It’s a good thing that email is no longer the only way for educators to communicate. This time last year I had never contemplated using twitter, blogs and Facebook for anything. These tools have now become my primary tools for professional development and meaningful conversations.
    I wonder what the beginning of 2012 will be like for us?

  2. The thing about blogging is that you have to be constantly at the cutting edge…not a competition but a challenge to stay contemporary. Teaching has always demanded reinventing oneself, getting on board with the latest ideas, sorting fad and fantasy from forward thinking. Lord, give me the energy!!!!

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