My digital footprint after a year of blogging

I began this blog 12 months ago, as a requirement for a 10 week on-line course.   As you can see, I didn’t stop and I am more and more grateful for that every day.

Blogging appeals to me because :

  1. It makes me think – I often think of a subject and then mull over the issue, wonder if my comments would be interesting, relevant, appropriate? Many items sit in my Draft list unpublished as I consider they are not ready for a public audience.  Others are published and receive varying feedback.   It doesn’t really matter – I have thought it out – in order to write, I need to think.
  2. I like the feedback – I have a few posts that have sparked very interesting discussions.  I enjoy that interactivity.   There have been challengers (which I enjoyed) and those providing affirmation (which I also enjoyed 🙂 )
  3. It chronicles my professional development over the past year.  I just read my first few posts that were about the course material – factual stuff, relevant at the time but seem a bit simplistic now.   Over the year, I have mused over many issues and highlighted success.    Would I remember all those things without this ‘journal’?   The reflective practice is invaluable.
  4. It connects me to other educators and places me as a learner amongst them.  Sometimes when you see amazing things from others, it is a bit daunting to put yourself out there, but I have only had positive or at least constructive feedback.   I know my posts are not earth shattering but I enjoy the process that connects me to others.
  5. It creates a professional picture of who I am.   An element of my Positive Digital Footprint (at least I feel it is positive)   In today’s society, we need to plan our on-line presence – choose the material that is professionally appropriate and in my opinion, to a large degree, separate that from our private lives.

My blog is my professional on-line presence.  Alongside my Twitter account, and reading and responding to the wonderful blogs of other educators, my Professional development is on-going, up to date and recorded.

Do other educators have other reasons for blogging?

3 thoughts on “My digital footprint after a year of blogging

  1. What an insightful post Celia. It seems that we are on the same path of discovery and exploration. I found myself nodding my head as I read through each of your points here. My blog – NovaNews blog – has also become a place where I too stop to reflect, think and connect with others. And like you, I am finding blogging to be a very powerful form of continued professional learning.

  2. Celia
    Thoughtful and interesting and yes you are creating a positive digiatl footprint. Congratulations.

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