Anticipating the 2011 DEECD Innovations Showcase

I am looking forward to attending my second  DEECD  Innovation Showcase later this week.   Last year, I attended by chance, having seen an email on a mailing list.  Coincidentally, I was just beginning an on-line course that was to introduce me to many Web 2.0 tools.   I was experiencing a steep learning curve and the Showcase was a great opportunity to see and hear from teachers who were putting great ideas into practice.

One presentation I attended was Louise Duncan demonstrating her use of iPod’s.   Louise has done a lot of research and practice and  I wrote afterwards, reflecting on Louise Duncan’s “Conditions for Innovation” )unfortunately, I can’t find the original article as it has moved, however this is the summary I made at the time)

Conditions for Innovation – Louise Duncan

  • Believe in yourself and your pupils.
  • Be prepared to take risks.
  • Have a go and share as much as you can.
  • Always be prepared to learn and listen to others.
  • Take people with you.
  • Surround yourself with the “right” people.
  • Be passionate.
  • Tune into others’ fear of change.
  • Focus on the learner – student or teacher – and their “hooks”.
  • Make the activities relevant to their needs.
  • Create momentum.

I still really like this list – it works on so many levels – as a teacher working with other teachers, as a teacher working with students and as a teacher wanting to expand my own personal knowledge.    I am hoping I will have many more take-aways from this years event.

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