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I work at a school where the teachers have taken to Class Blogging – they use their blogs as wonderful tools to communicate, connect and collaborate. I am only at school two days a week and so I could have the potential of feeling disconnected, isolated from the comings and goings occurring when I am not there. Nothing could be furtherer from the truth. All I need to do is check out the blogs and I can see what is happening.  Even if I was there full-time like most, in a busy staffroom, we often don’t get to hear all the news from the other classrooms, but blogging allows that news to be disseminated in a wonderful way.

Tonight, I browsed the Senior blogs, here and here, and was updated about today’s excursion to ACMI. I then saw a tweet from a Prep teacher and found that the nesting boxes the Preps made last term, now have a home and inhabitants! I also learned that the senior students had been helping their Prep buddies developing lessons for the peers.

I found out the Middle students have been conducting Sports clinics for their classmates.  I saw a new Junior class blog spreading it’s wings and asking questions, hoping to get parents involved in the class conversations.   I could keep going, but you have got the gist.

I also see

  • class groups commenting on other class blogs
  • parents commenting on the children’s learning
  • students commenting on class blogs
  • teachers affirming each other’s practise
  • a wonderful chronicle of the general happenings within the school
  • classes appreciating the potential of asking questions of a worldwide audience
  • students reflecting on their learning and sharing their thoughts

I am very happy with what I see, we have come a long way and keep on evolving in our purpose, methods and styles.  I wonder what it will look like in six months.

One thought on “Keeping in touch – Class Blogging

  1. It is wonderful to see how our class blogs have transformed the way we learn, share and communicate. It is great to be in touch with what every other class is doing and to share the blogging journey with teachers and students from other schools. Our blogs wouldn’t be as great as they are without your support, encouragement and skills.
    Verona Gridley

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