TeachMeet – What else did I see?

Another Teachmeet is over and they just seem to get better and better.  Yesterday around 60 teachers gave up their Saturday afternoon to gather and inspire each other at Teachmeet Melbourne (hosted by our beautiful Immigration Museum).  After a previous Teachmeet I explained what I saw .  I can now add to that list:

  • I continue to see passionate teachers who obviously deeply care about the craft of their teaching, willing to take risks and continue learning
  • I see people using the power of Twitter to synthesise their thinking, to note-take and to share their experience.  Many have replaced taking notes, with Tweeting, serving double purposes
  • I see wonderful stories of classroom practices by very new teachers and those not so new
  • I see well thought out and clearly illustrated pedagogical theories
  • I see old relationships re-kindled and re-ignited
  • I see a strong emphasis on games based learning opportunities for our students
  • I see new relationships being forged.  People extending their professional learning networks.  Following the twitter stream afterwards, there is plenty of evidence that people found new opportunities to connect and will have tangible evidence of the value of attending.  I see conversations started that will lead to wonderful relationships.
  • I see teachers who are understanding that teaching is no longer a private endeavour – accepting that so much can be gained by sharing their experiences

It is interesting to note that so many of the things I see, are not technology related – technology is the conduit that brought us together (Twitter, Wiki etc) but the depth of the experience is the relationships formed.   All details are available on the TeachMeet Melbourne Wiki  .   I wonder what I will see next time ? What would I like to see?

7 thoughts on “TeachMeet – What else did I see?

  1. I was not able to attend the Teach meet in person but I was there online following each presentation with enthusiasm. The live stream of the teach meet was great and enabled me to take notes and check things online, tweet and respond, while still being with my family.
    The variety of presenters was terrific and as always you come away a little overwhelmed but also inspired to try new things in the classroom.
    Thanks for all the fantastic organization to everyone involved.
    May the #TMMelb continue to trend onwards and upwards.
    Verona Gridley

  2. Congrats to the TM crew again! Like Verona l was unable to attend – however the enthusiasm of the day extends to all who follow the TM learnings by other means! I agree with your blog- relationship, networking, exchange of ideas is at the core of our online communications! TM melb strikes a chord and meets a need – people will always want the face to face contact and opportunity to engage. So….. When ‘s the next one?

  3. What a wonderful summary of what sounded like a great meetup! Thanks for adding this summary. It was only when I opened up my tweetdeck that I noticed some interesting tweets that bore the hashtag for the Teachmeet. Although I had been in Melbourne that morning, it had not twigged that I could have attended this event until I was on the train home. I liked reading the tweets and explored many of the resources shared. I wonder what it will look like and feel like in 12 months time!

  4. I see a growing grass roots movement of practitioners who constantly inspire, teach, share, grow and enervate!

    I see teachers who love their job to bits!

    I see real and virtual classrooms where new technology and new ideas are part of every day.

  5. Verona – so glad you were able to join in virtually. We are so grateful to Tony for making this happen for us – it creates another complete dimension and allows another layer of participation

    Deb – thanks, see you on Sept 15 the next TM

    Anne – So sorry you didn’t catch up with the stream early enough to be part of it in person. Would have loved to share it with you – one of our favourite networked educators and inspirations

    Marg – thanks for getting in with the flow. I see wonderful support from my co-workers and that means a lot !

  6. Hi Celia

    It was my first teachmeet and I loved it. @cpaterso responded when I tweeted that with “Where have you been?” I saw so much passion form inspired and inspiring educators… look forward to the next one. Professional learning by the people for the people… what could be better?

  7. After reading your great past and the comments, I realized that the TMMelb is an interlinked system: of attendees, folks listening in while childminding at home, the tweet writers and readers, the post-meet bloggers, the UStream viewers. Oh, and I forgot: the generous @ITMadeSimple for recording the uStream.
    Hey, we are the people who dare to connect!

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