it can’t be a bad thing …..

A month ago, whilst listening to Henrietta Miller present at the 2011 Reform Symposium, an idea was born.  Okay, not a new idea but a version of an old one.  In the Elluminate (on-line conference) room there were three Melbourne based educators who were inspired by the ideas presented by Henrietta of face to face meetings of like-minded educators.  Through the ‘chat’ @Mr_Mitch_Hughes, @Aimee_Gale and I created the Melbourne version.  #TMMelb as a Twitter hashtag was born.   Mitch Hughes then very quickly started a wiki and that was the catalyst for the rest.

We already have a fair few interested members (could do with some more!)   We have a date set for our first event (Fri 7 Oct – Pascoe Vale Primary School) and we have a few people who have expressed interest ……

We are in our infancy, but every good thing started somewhere.   As far as I see it the benefits are enormous, including the obvious stated here :

  • face to face meetings of people who have previously only connected  via virtual means (Twitter, blogs etc)
  • sharing of ideas amongst teachers from amazingly varied contexts – primary, secondary, class teachers, specialists, leaders etc
  • an opportunity to view different learning spaces (Thanks to Margo Edgar from Pascoe Vale Primary for TM No 1)
  • teachers who are pro-actively taking control of their own professional learning and embracing a philosophy that relies on the sharing of ideas
  • evolving and allowing contributions from anyone who cares to contribute – for example, one teacher who happened upon this #TMMelb and has experienced similar ventures previously and is already offering wonderful perspectives such as the following video
STOP PRESS – A new Melbourne version


So …. what’s next ? ….. I don’t know …. but I am happy to be along on the ride …..