Blogging with intent

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What is the target, the purpose of your blogging adventure?

Blogs (within the educational sphere) can serve many purposes and for the sake of organisation of my thoughts, I will categorise blogs into three types : student, class and professional.     I feel that defining the purpose is a significant point even if it is not clear at the beginning and even if it changes focus on the journey.  It defines the audience and thereby structures the style and the content of the blog.

Student Blogs can be 

  • a showcase of work samples and examples of writing etc – a modern version of the pin-up board.
  • on-line digital portfolios – and by this I mean they contain a strong reflective element to distinguish them from a showcase.
  • on-line diary – a chronicle of events.
  • …..

Class blogs can be 

  • used by teachers as a Learning management system – containing content and tasks.  Often teachers who use this style pose questions and students are required to respond through comments.
  • a showcase of student work entirely controlled and created by the teachers (early years in particular).
  • a showcase of student work but display student content (more possible with independent writers).
  • used as a newsletter of sorts – informing readers (parents) of events etc.
  • …..

Professional blogs can be

  • a receptacle for reflective practice for the teacher.
  • a Professional digital portfolio – a positive digital footprint.
  • …..
In some cases, they are a combination of a few of these elements.  In all cases, I believe the purpose is important .     As with any new concept (and blogging is still new to me), sometimes things get mixed up  a little,  but with time we allocate our purpose and our intention is more defined.   The benefits of blogging are the subject of another post, but it helps me to define the purpose.

 There is a spare space in each group, anyone care to add any more ideas?   Continue the conversation, I am sure you have other purposes.

4 thoughts on “Blogging with intent

  1. What I love about the “Comments” on all blogs is the diversity of thinking….and we are all right in a way. I’m totally on the other end of the continuum from Michael…jump in and enjoy the this case blogging…and then look at where it is going…and refine. I guess I come form the old “free play” days of teaching in the 70’s when children explored first and then got down to the serious stuff after being engaged.

    So to add to the “class blogs can be…”
    -a place where teachers are engaged, excited, challenged to be creative and reflective
    -a medium that just might cause a teacher to totally reassess the way he/she teaches
    -a link to the wonderful, creative world of teaching

    As for me, it is a case of, having moved through the free play stage…where to next. I know…I’ll ask my class on Monday. I never would have done that…even a year ago.

  2. Thanks Marg,
    I agree it seems like a process than a final product – learning by giving it a go has worked for us. I like your additions to the list and of course your continuation of the conversation.

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